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Cloud Transformation

Synetec can help you transform your organisation and enable the use of cloud or hybrid cloud technologies.

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Cloud strategy can be integral to your overall business strategy, which means many companies are looking for cloud consultancy. Depending on how you’re utilising the potential of cloud computing, it can save resources, improve performance, and even boost security and compliance.

Synetec can help you transform your organisation and enable the use of cloud or hybrid cloud technologies.

Cloud brings in a critical competitive advantage and the ability to react to challenges. However, you need to know what you’re trying to achieve for your business and what the options are when you set your strategy. There are major wins available for those who know which tools align with their objectives.

Utilising the cloud is an essential step in your journey to digital enablement. Our market research shows that most companies have already migrated some software, mostly with unsatisfying results in terms of cost and performance.

The good news is that you can still correct past mistakes and start getting the return you deserve.

Results-Focused Cloud Transformation

Every business case is different, yet most companies want to benefit from the best the cloud has to offer: dynamic scalability, flexibility, and an architecture that enables continuous improvement.

Our work together will always aim to serve your business needs first and foremost. That means that the same solutions won’t work for everyone. We don’t do transformation for the sake of transformation.

First we work towards achieving mutual clarity on what your requirements and expectations are. This is required whether you’re choosing your first cloud strategy, or reassessing your existing one, or building software that is cloud-native. We guide you through the decisions that are right for you.  

Questions to ask when planning a cloud strategy:

  • What are you planning to run on the cloud? How many applications, how much data?
  • If you’re migrating, how fast does the migration need to happen? Do you have a deadline to get out of a data centre or are you flexible?
  • Are you aiming to lower costs? By how much?
  • What skills exist in your team? This has an impact as to which cloud strategy is best, as some options require a cloud-native skill set, and others don’t.


Don't Just Take Our Word for It - Read Some of Our Customer Case Studies Here:

I have worked with Synetec on several large, high-profile projects since 2011. I would have no hesitation in recommending them. They are excellent in understanding the business requirements, and estimating the resources required to deliver this. They are reliable and professional, and we have been very pleased with the software delivered.

Sally Barr, Senior manager,
Genesis Investment Management
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We now know exactly what we will see on Azure in terms of performance improvement and cost reduction, which is critical before making the move. Synetec also provided us with a testing tool we can keep using before rolling out any updates, ensuring continuity.

David Flashman,
Head of IT, Vida Homeloans
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Synetec have worked with us to design a CRM and trading platform for our business, a deliverable foreign exchange broker. The service has been incredibly sharp and their insight into developing the various models has been invaluable.

Carl Jani, Co-CEO, Argentex
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We have worked with Synetec for 11 months now with system design, analysis and development expertise. Their customer service and expertise have been exemplary and their combination of industry and technological expertise have proved to be most valuable.

Adam Coals, Operations Manager, Arch Services
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Winning new business will be easier as the updated platform delivers a contemporary, responsive service. With the improved User Experience, SCQuARE  can now start looking at how we can support business growth and move into new service territories.

Paul Wilkinson, CEO, SCQuARE 
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The best thing about working with Synetec is twofold: a) taking the strain off us i.e. a fast growing business for which employing full-time headcount for a project such as this doesn’t make sense and b) your patience in allowing us to continually refine our tech requirements!

Luke Townsend, CEO, Zorin Finance
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Cloud Transformation


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