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Application Support Desk For Business Critical Software

We maintain and monitor applications. And fix things when they go wrong. So your developers can focus on the fun stuff.

Award Winning

The software support you needed yesterday.

Your latest release is already out of date. Business changes, interface updates and technology upgrades mean you needed an update yesterday. But recruiting is risky (and expensive), and your team are already developing the next big thing.
The Synetec Software Application Support is a proactive ITL-based service desk that helps you:  
  • Keep on top of essential maintenance (you know, the bits that no-one in your team wants to do)  
  • Enhance user functionality (so it just works)
  • Deploy bug fixes (before users even know there’s a problem)
  • Implement change requests (before they’re out of date)  
  • Carry out regular health checks (to pre-empt those pesky problems)
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Argentex Logo
- Argentex
Meet Carl, co-CEO of Argentex.
Faced with an underperforming but business-critical legacy application, Carl needed to solve app issues before they impacted the business. Synetec’s service desk enabled Argentex to improve customer service, reduce the burden on development teams and remain FCA compliant in a cost-effective way.
A flexible extension of your team.
Resolve issues quickly, discover peace of mind and reduce the burden on your development team without the risk of key person dependencies:
  • Avoid tech debt with cloud-based tools
  • Inject more discipline into your monitoring process
  • Automated daily, weekly and monthly checklists for failsafe monitoring
  • Manual checklists for anything that can’t be automated and to identify potential outage risks
  • Keep developers motivated by reducing maintenance tasks
  • Easy-to-access ticket management
  • Detailed process documentation to prevent future problems    
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Reduce your risk and refocus your resource.

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