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Data Transformation

Own your data and extract maximum business value to reduce data risk, unlock value of existing raw data and prevent loss of data and system downtime
Award Winning
Take control of the whole picture.
Achieve Data Independence.

Your data is (by your own admission) all over the place. It’s stored in different formats, in different places. It’s a constant cause for concern and represents a real risk for you, your teams and your customers.

But the fact that you’re reading this, means you’ve already taken action and started your Data Transformation journey. And you’ll feel even more in control after you’ve taken the next step.

We can help you:

  • Understand what data is important to your business
  • Define common data definitions and a robust structure
  • Map data from multiple sources into a single format
  • Integrate your single source of truth with third parties
  • Reduced time and stress from not having to recruit, manage and retain an in-house development team

Uncover maximum data. And your minimum viable product.

Data transformation is key to unlocking the value of your data. Maybe you are in the middle of a digital transformation programme or perhaps you are replatforming. Either way, you’ve got historic and valuable data which you simply can’t afford to lose. 

So instead of importing old data into a new system, we’ll help you build your own single source of truth.

Data Discovery

We work with you to:

  • Analyse your existing data (even data you may not have considered as data)
  • Identify all your data sources and data types (and we mean ‘all’, not just the obvious ones)
  • Define inconsistencies (one of your biggest challenges)
  • Cleanse your data (the job that no-one wants to do)
  • Define appropriate architecture, structure, and data warehousing (to avoid future inconsistencies and downtime)

Then we’ll create a roadmap for how we’ll design it, how much it will cost and which technology we plan to use.


This is where we slice things up. We’ll work out what you need as a minimum and deliver it quickly. We work with you to:

  • Identify MVP or Minimum Viable Product (to give you rapid access to the data and reports you need the most)
  • Install your new data warehouse (you’ll wonder how you managed without it)
  • Configure and integrate data sources (and train you on how to do data integration on additional data sources)
  • Install your new platform (so you can access reports)
  • Build dashboards (and train you on how to build additional reports)

You are now the master of your own data.

Join Genesis, Mulvaney Capital and Bloomberg who have mastered their data and avoided years of software license fees.

I’m in.

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Thanks to our curious, creative and collaborative data analysts and unrelenting project delivery managers, we complete 100% of data transformation projects on time and within budget. But we don’t believe you should take things at face value, so we’ll always encourage you to ask our clients for a reference.
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