SCQuARE gains competitive edge with UX UI Design Project


May 9, 2024

SCQuARE gains competitive edge with UX UI Design Project
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SCQuARE deliver training programmes and strategy workshops to clients including PepsiCo and General Mills. Their iSCQuARE platform needed to be highly functional with great user experience and the ability to evolve so it could drive business growth.

SCQuARE International deliver unique training programmes and strategy workshops and have world-renowned clients including GSK, Novartis, PepsiCo and General Mills.

With software that enables their end clients to follow set processes using SCQuARE's methodology, it's vital that their iSCQuARE platform is highly functional with the ability to evolve and react to what's needed with effective end user support. That's where the platform's UX UI design came into play.

With many prestigious brands as consultancy clients, there was an expectation that the platform should have the ability to be branded and customised to reflect each client's requirements and provide an on-brand experience, whilst improving their competitive advantage.

With their existing legacy solution, SCQuARE weren't able to fully realise this goal as the customisation options were limited.

A new user interface design was needed 

iSCQuARE is a bespoke application that had technical debt and many complexities. Historically, there had also been difficulties with implementing significant change, not limited to the user interface, although that was the main focus.

Screen shots from the iSCQuARE platform

SCQuARE needed to evolve their frontend platform to work with their innovative product, not against it. They turned to Synetec to deliver a UX refresh to improve customisation and adaptability to support their commitment to client experience and to aid business growth.

Our team of UX designers took charge of the task and delivered beyond expectations.

The Solution: Transform the User Experience UX and User Interface UI Design

Our UX and UI software designers transformed the UI design for a customer centric usability experience. Our experienced full-stack developers were able to implement the new UX design onto the existing jQuery front-end, preserving the existing .Net code and its functionality, minimising disruption through minimal low-impact code changes and speeding up delivery times.

Our user research allowed us to improve the platform significantly based on users' needs and wants, whilst our UX design focused on the practices needed to improve the business, based on their goals and by adopting a bespoke approach.

With a highly functional platform like this one, it’s inevitable that feedback around further improvements will be made by both the SCQuARE team and their customers.

By collating all of this data through our managed service desk, which SCQuARE continue to benefit from, we can proactively recommend enhancements and functional improvements through a development queue that makes the design process far more structured. This creates an environment of continuous improvement supporting iSCQuARE, ensuring they keep aligning with customer expectations.

“Synetec understand the nuances of our system, so they’re able to suggest improvements based on their industry expertise. Their developers were quick to grasp our technology and put our ideas into practice.” Paul Wilkinson, CEO, SCQuARE  

The Results

With the UX refresh, SCQuARE’s customers are receiving better functionality and vastly improved customisation options from the iSCQuARE platform. This more reactive interface, together with the visual design positively drives customer retention as it’s now easier to use, lives up to SCQuARE’s values and keeps end users engaged.

“Our star product is now easier for customers and us internally to manage. We were very impressed with how well Synetec delivered the solution.” Paul Wilkinson, CEO, SCQuARE

SCQuARE are able to better keep up with changes in the market as they now have the ability to continually enhance and improve the platform without any risk of major outages or disruptions. The newly improved UI and UX design also improved the user journey. The way in which users interact with the platform has proven to have had a positive impact. 

“Winning new business will be easier as the updated platform delivers a contemporary, responsive service. With the improved User Experience, SCQuARE can now start looking at how we can support business growth and move into new service territories.” Paul Wilkinson, CEO, SCQuARE

Our UX and UI Design and Software development services are a great way for you to:

  • Improve your user experience and stay competitive
  • Boost sales and reduce user churn
  • Expand your business into new markets

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