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Bespoke Software Development

Custom Software Development for complex and critical software projects

Award Winning
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Why synetec software development?

Highly experienced team of experts
Refined software development process that guarantees delivery
A partnership culture of total transparency
Andrew Egan CCO
Andrew Egan
Managing Director, Argentex
I would happily recommend Synetec to any business in search of reliable and efficient software development at any level.
They have built us a great system that gives us an edge over our competitors. Synetec have helped us as a growing business go from early-stage to AIM Listed.

Guaranteed delivery for complex and critical projects

The industry standard is 2 out of 3 software projects run over on budget and time. Synetec has delivered more than one hundred projects since 2019 without running over on budget or time. How? We put equal emphasis on People, Process and Culture. Read about our Guaranteed Delivery Process

At Synetec we combine:

Highly experienced team of experts

Synetec is a group of people with varying technical domain expertise. By combining people with 20+ years of software development experience with recent graduates from top Universities and Coding schools, Synetec can provide the people to deliver a diverse set of projects. Whether you need to modernise an existing software originally designed in the early 2000’s or if you need a ground-breaking machine learning platform, we’ve got the skills to execute.

Refined software development process that guarantees delivery

Synetec was founded in 2009 with one core principle, to continually develop. Our development process has been refined 1% at a time over the last 13 years. This has led to a position whereby we haven’t missed a single deadline or gone over on budget in over 3 years. When critical delivery matters, you work with the Operations team at Synetec. It's why we are trusted by the companies you can see at the top of the screen.

A partnership culture of total transparency

We’re built on an unswerving commitment of always doing the right thing by our clients, our people and our community. The purpose of a software development project should be to drive significant business value, Synetec will keep you honest to this fact and will challenge you at times. It's our role as the domain experts to ensure you achieve the maximum business value.

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- Case Studies
Digital Transformation and Guaranteed Delivery on critical projects when it mattered.
Responsible for delivering the National Planning Portal for England and Wales, Laurie Cunningham from TerraQuest shares his experience partnering with Synetec to up skill his software development team, transform their way of working and deliver critical projects so that he met his deadlines.
- Case Studies
From early stage Foreign Exchange start-up to AIM listed - Argentex gained a competitive advantage
Partners since 2011.
In a fast-moving and competitive environment where data management and security is key, Argentex wanted a trusted partner to deliver a solution that would help them grow, and continue to grow their business.
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Benefits of Bespoke Software Development

Out of the box software doesn't always cut the mustard and it's frustrating paying for features you don't want when you'd rather have features and functionality that allows you to grow and gain a competitive advantage.

Bespoke software should have a total economic impact on your business in excess of 20% EBITDA.

It can be tough navigating the various options when it comes to planning a bespoke software project - give us 30 minutes of your time and we'll give you clarity and a roadmap forwards (even if you choose not to work with us)
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Fits your specific business needs

Build bespoke software specifically designed to meet your requirements for today whilst giving you the ability to develop for the needs of tomorrow.

Increase your competitive advantage

When you develop bespoke software or refresh your legacy software, you increase your company's Intellectual Property (IP) and aren’t reliant on third parties to add features you need to gain that competitive edge.

Scale and innovate faster

Bespoke software is much easier to scale as your business grows and you can add features easily based on your customer's requirements.

Reduce risk

Comply with legal and regulatory requirements with custom software, automate your workflows and reduce risk from user error.

Highly cost effective

You’re not trying to fit your business model into someone else’s software and you’re only paying for features you want and need.

Give us 30 minutes of your time and we'll give you clarity and a roadmap so that you can achieve your business goals (even if you choose not to work with us)

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Our software development solutions

Synetec is an award-winning Software Development Company based in London, UK.  Small enough to care, big enough to guarantee delivery.

Don't take our word for it - hear what our clients have said
We realise that it sounds too good to be true that we haven't missed a deadline or run over budget since 2019 which is why we encourage you to find out from our many long-standing clients what it's really like to work with us.

Genesis Investment Management

- Sally Barr, Senior manager

I have worked with Synetec on several large, high-profile projects since 2011. I would have no hesitation in recommending them. They are excellent in understanding the business requirements, and estimating the resources required to deliver this. They are reliable and professional, and we have been very pleased with the software delivered.


- Paul Wilkinson, CEO

Winning new business will be easier as the updated platform delivers a contemporary, responsive service. With the improved User Experience, SCQuARE  can now start looking at how we can support business growth and move into new service territories.

Vida Homeloans

- David Flashman, Head of IT

We now know exactly what we will see on Azure in terms of performance improvement and cost reduction, which is critical before making the move. Synetec also provided us with a testing tool we can keep using before rolling out any updates, ensuring continuity.


- Carl Jani, Co-CEO

Synetec have worked with us to design a CRM and trading platform for our business, a deliverable foreign exchange broker. The service has been incredibly sharp and their insight into developing the various models has been invaluable.

Zorin Finance

- Luke Townsend, CEO

The best thing about working with Synetec is twofold: a) taking the strain off us i.e. a fast growing business for which employing full-time headcount for a project such as this doesn’t make sense and b) your patience in allowing us to continually refine our tech requirements!

Arch Services

- Adam Coals, Operations Manager

We have worked with Synetec for 11 months now with system design, analysis and development expertise. Their customer service and expertise have been exemplary and their combination of industry and technological expertise have proved to be most valuable.


Why Synetec?

When critical delivery matters, you work with Synetec because we'll get you there. We've not missed a deadline or gone over on a budget in several years, it's why 95% of our business is referrals. When you combine development talent, with a process that has been improved 1% at a time over the past two decades you're going to be successful with Synetec.

How do you ensure delivery?

The Discovery process is critically important. Discovery in its simplest form, is the process of scoping, analysing, and building a solution. The goal of the Discovery is to build an actionable plan with the associated costs and timeline to deliver a  solution.

What is the first step?

Lets have a conversation, Synetec has a team of technical consultants who will listen to your objectives, investigate your current state and start to develop a gap analysis that provides the foundations of a roadmap.

What happens after go-live?

When you work with Synetec you’re entering a partnership. Its our role as your technical partner to provide the support you need to achieve your business goals, whether that’s support, consultancy or development.

What companies do Synetec work with?

As you can see from our website, Synetec works with all manner of companies from scale-ups like SCQuARE through to the likes of Bloomberg and UBS. However, what really matters is purpose. If you're looking to develop a digital technology that will transform your business, then you're in the right place.

What development methodology do you use?

The tech landscape (sorry, we normally try to avoid using that word) is rapidly changing, along with regulatory requirements. So we use Agile methodology in every aspect of our business to stay ahead. And to prioritise quality and efficiency.

Where are Synetec Developers based?

All but one of our team are based in the UK. That ‘one’ was smart enough to take advantage of remote working and relocate to Spain.

How do you track the progress of the projects?

By combining AGILE methodology with leading tools like Jira, we're able to provide you with complete transparency over the progress of projects.

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