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A proven partner when it matters

Software Development Discovery Guaranteed.

66% of IT projects finish late or over budget. And we don’t want you to be one of them. So we take the time to geek out about your business, immerse ourselves in your processes and plunge deep into your problems.

Last time a project ran over on time or budget


On average Project development costs are cut by


Clutch Review score

A no commitment meeting with our specialist team

Laurie Cunningham
Chief Technology Officer, TerraQuest
Synetec’s discovery process is a no-brainer! I want to use this method as a blueprint to work with any external partners.
Jonathan Graham
Managing Director, Gavurin
The discovery process and the external perspective early on is hugely valuable, and can save a lot of time and effort further down the line. It’s time well spent.
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- Case Studies

A robust Software MVP in record time

The fool-proof way to deliver on time and on budget (because hope is not a strategy):

Typically Discovery takes 10 - 20 days across no more than 6 weeks. Because we know you have a day job but we don’t want to lose momentum. 

6 weeks allows us to dig deep, carry out all the interviews we need and come back with a robust solution. We partner with you throughout to make sure we understand your problem. And feel your pain.


We engage with all your key stakeholders and explain how many meetings you’ll need to be involved in, what your contribution will be and exactly what access we’ll need. 


We set up all the discovery meetings, plus sessions to document our findings and a feedback loop to you each time. This is our way of ensuring you have full visibility and transparency over the project.

Investment & Timeline Proposals:

We work out the necessary time to resolve your software and business issue. And we give you an accurate and in-depth quote. So you know exactly how long and how much your software development project will be.


When we’ve been exposed to your business in this transparent way, we’ll ensure there are no nasty surprises. Because we dig so deep, we uncover all the dirt prior to development.

What to expect from You

  • Access to multiple stakeholders

    - We’ll encourage you to let us talk to ALL stakeholders
    - We prefer to talk to more than one person in each department
    - We’ll talk to them more than once
  • Access to your system

    So we can dig deep and see the good, the bad and the ugly)
  • Documents and information

    Documents and information that will help us to understand the business better (and if you’re not sure what they are, we’ll ask the right questions to find out)
  • A sense of relief that your project is in safe hands

What to expect from Synetec

  • A product owner who will run everything

  • World-class people and resources

    A senior tech lead, a solution architect or a developer, depending on what resources you need
  • Check-in and oversight from our Chief Operating Officer Lisa

    Check-in and oversight from our Chief Operating Officer Lisa, to see how projects are going
  • Lots of questions

  • An assessment of the technology problem AND the process problem

Give us 30 minutes of your time and we'll give you clarity and remove any uncertainty so that you can achieve your software development goals.

We give you project certainty. So you avoid delays.

We'll show you what good could look like  

We'll give you a roadmap to achieve your goals (even if you choose not to work with us)

Get in Touch
Fuel business growth.
Not user frustration.

Your service fills a gap. But your user experience is wide open. We don’t believe you should choose between exceptional functionality and a slick user experience, so we’ll help you improve the front-end design without disturbing back-end function. Which means you’ll convert more customers. And keep them.

Discover Now.
Feel Smug Later.

We’ll be honest (because that’s how we like to do business). Sometimes clients are unsure about our Discovery process. They see an additional cost and they worry about extended project timelines. And sometimes they go elsewhere… But later they get back in touch, raring to start all that in-depth planning.

Avoid Scope-Creep.
Take Time to Plan.

We charge for Discovery. And we’re intentionally open about that. Because we believe the Discovery process is critical to the success of your project and so we take time to do it properly. And once you’ve done Discovery, even if you go elsewhere (which, of course we hope you won’t), you’ll have a robust plan, you’ll know exactly what questions another provider should be asking and you’ll wonder what they might be hiding if they don’t.

A Project
about Your Project.

Now you might think that just sounds like being paid for quoting. But most 3rd party quotes will only consider surface-level software problems. And we dive deep; we speak to all your stakeholders, we put ourselves in your shoes, we immerse ourselves in your business. Discovery is essentially the planning stage for your project. It’s about understanding exactly what you need for your bespoke software development. To scope it out. And to plot it in project format. You could consider it as a project about your project.   

We won’t just do it for you.
We’re a partner. Not a vendor.

You might not expect us to say that. But we believe that the most collaborative projects are the most successful ones. So we work in partnership with you; as a true extension of your team. It’s the best way to create momentum and to ensure you are delighted with the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Synetec different to everyone else?
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We challenge you to invest time upfront. Because we know it works and ultimately you’ll get a better outcome. After all, we are here to make you look good.

I can’t afford to add on 6 weeks to my project timescale, is this really necessary?
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Can you afford not to? The funny thing is the 6 week discovery time won’t actually lengthen the total project time. It’ll save you time overall. The discovery phase simply separates your initial planning from the kick-off of your project.

How do you know that you’ve got the right partner?
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It’s important to have plenty of interaction with your partner up front so you see if you work well together. It’s one of the reasons our model works so well; you get an insight into how we work and what our values are, and you can assess if they match your company values. We could also stress the word 'partner'. We’d always recommend working with a partner rather than a vendor. And understanding the delivery method before you start. So that you’re in a great position to make a decision.

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