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Bespoke System Transformation

Many organisations are looking for improved integration, security, process automation, and to be more agile when adapting to change and meeting new demands. However, the challenge organisations often face is the complexity and risks associated with change, coupled with a lack of available internal resources and expertise. 

Synetec specialises in partnering with organisations to transform complex, business-critical bespoke systems. Synetec’s experience and expertise in legacy and modern technologies, including cloud and DevOps, help to minimise risks while preserving previous investments and the accumulated wealth of functionality.


Synetec can help to provide a full assessment of your entire bespoke software estate and importantly, where, and how to improve it. Audits can also be used for risk assessment and investor due diligence.


A strategic plan that defines a desired outcome, including the major steps and milestones needed to reach it. A plan to transform today’s bespoke software environment, through consolidation, enhancements, redevelopments, transformation, phase outs and replacements.


A proof-of-concept, testing approach – isolating a well-defined piece of the environment and testing it to prove and guarantee the proposed changes will be a success, while mitigating risk with minimal time and cost.

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Synetec can help bolster internal teams and facilitate knowledge sharing. Offering on-demand global and world class talent and specialist skills. Providing staffing flexibility and a higher level of efficiency while reducing exposure and propelling the way forward.


App Development and Support at a fixed cost. Providing confidence and reassurance as a reliable and guaranteed software provider, through application support, maintenance, and new feature building. Reducing costs while minimising key man risk and freeing internal resources to focus on core business.