November 12, 2021

Unlock Your Invisible Sales Pipeline

Invisible Pipeline
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The pandemic has changed buying habits for good, with B2B customers now engaging more online and through self-service channels before approaching a supplier.   

The first stage of the buyer journey is always awareness. Contacting a vendor only happens when 70-90% of the journey is already done, and buyers contact 6 vendors on average. AI finds the opportunities that are still in the awareness stage. 

You can now burn the rule book and bypass the competitive stages by getting exclusive access to a pool of ripe opportunities. 

Lost Opportunities

Whilst inbound leads are great, unfortunately, most prospects don’t end up filling out your contact form on your website, and move on without you even knowing. Furthermore, others fail to even land on your website. This presents a huge missed opportunity, as many of these potential buyers would still be interested in your offering.

So why do so many people visit your website but never actually fill out the lead capture form? As you can imagine, there are countless reasons why this happens, but some of the causes could include: 

  • They need more time to compare you with your competitors’ offerings 
  • Missing information that would help them decide whether to make a purchase  
  • Lack of trust  
  • A distraction in their lives that leaves to them to abandon your website  
  • They’re simply not ready to buy yet 
  • They're not convinced by your digital presence

In reality, it doesn’t matter too much on why they haven't approached you, because if they’re not reachable, you can’t find out any further information. 

But imagine if you could tap into the vast majority of people who are interested in your offering, but fail to get in touch. What if you could see much more than simply where web visitors have clicked, or how much traffic you’ve received in a month? Increased digital buying means more data, and this is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) really shines.

The Invisible Pipeline Will Keep Growing

Millennials are now becoming the principle demographic for B2B purchases, and are twice as skeptical of salespeople than boomers. The B2B customers of today also appreciate a rich value-add experience, so companies need to be aware of what can give them a competitive edge. With these changes, sales is evolving to become more of a facilitating tool to help the customer reach complex decisions.     

By unlocking your Invisible Pipeline, you can reach a new, constantly growing buyer base. 

Let our experts guide you through how AI helps you win more business by making use of the Invisible Pipeline. Book your discovery call now.

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