July 8, 2021

How to Get Started with AI

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Synetec AI achieved a 660% fundraising revenue increase for Comic Relief. It also enabled a 178% marketing-to-revenue increase for ESET. The average improvement has been 150% across all users. These are examples of the practical applications of AI which are already a reality for high-achieving businesses worldwide.

When you’re looking to adopt AI, you should focus on what builds business value. AI is a powerful asset when used right, so aim to get the wins that matters the most rather than focusing on minor improvements. To get the most value out of AI, use it to solve a business problem, not a tech problem. 

Synetec AI achieves multiple goals business leaders are pursuing: finding the path to accelerated growth, making use of the latest innovation, optimising resource costs and ROI, and future-proofing the company. 

The AI tells you which companies are ready to buy from you right now, even in the choppy waters of a marketplace emerging from the pandemic. Machine Learning uncovers the best prospects for your sales and marketing, meaning you achieve maximum performance. 

What Customers Achieve with Synetec AI  

  • Increase client acquisition 
  • Be more efficient with client targeting 
  • Focus sales activity on customers most likely to buy from you 
  • Increase acquisition of most profitable clients 
  • Find new pools of customers, even in a changing marketplace 
  • Build company value through the use of cutting-edge technology 
  • Make use of government R&D grants and tax credits to increase company value 

How AI Works in Real Life 

  1. We take a deep dive into your customer base to empirically understand and rank by profitability and stickiness. 
  2. Our data scientists use our proprietary Machine Learning Algorithm to identify the meaningful differentiators. 
  3. We use that understanding to scan the total addressable market in your target geography and distil your best addressable market. This results in generating leads complete with GDPR-compliant contact information. 
  4. We work closely with your sales and marketing functions to test a subset of these leads. 
  5. We take the results of the test and feed it back into the data and train the algorithm. 
  6. We repeat steps 2 to 5, which allows you to continuously improve your sales and marketing performance and to factor in any changes in markets and industry. 

Your Data Stays with You 

Synetec manage and deliver the project, working closely with you. You have access to a dedicated project manager, senior developer and data scientist at all times. 

You always keep full ownership of your data. The service is delivered from an FCA-approved environment. We have UK’s top data scientist from the University of Cambridge on our AI team as well as international project delivery gurus. 

Synetec AI always starts with a 6 week trial to give you confidence that you’re pursuing the right path before getting into a longer term growth partnership with us. 

You can’t afford to waste resources and not use AI. Contact us for a chat on how to start boosting your bottom line with enterprise AI.

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