Bespoke AI for a 178% Improvement in Marketing ROI


March 5, 2024

Bespoke AI for a 178% Improvement in Marketing ROI
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ESET are a global cybersecurity leader, protecting well over 100 million users worldwide. With AI, we enhanced their online and offline outreach and sales efforts. The result was a 178% improvement in marketing ROI.

Headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia, ESET, founded in 1987, is a global Cybersecurity leader, protecting over 100 million users worldwide. While a major force in the market, especially in mainland Europe, it has so far been less visible in the UK market than the excellence of its solutions warrants.

To fix this, ESET’s UK team approached Synetec with a request: Could we identify a way to increase its brand recognition in the UK consumer market?

Another consideration was if there was a way to better enhance and coordinate ESET’s online and offline outreach and sales efforts.

A challenge here was that ESET had recently changed CRM platforms, so a time-constrained dataset of three months of Salesforce data was all we had to work on. Nonetheless, Synetec was able to come up with an effective plan, and our work together began in 2019 with the analysis of this quite limited ESET historical dataset, out of which we made what initially appeared as something of a counter-intuitive proposal: our network effect prediction was that by making B2B sales more visible, B2C sales would be positively impacted.

We summed our proposition like this: “At the moment, we have looked at your actual data and uncovered that the way people buy your product is when there’s a concentration of businesses in a set area, you all of a sudden have this referral effect; that’s to say, people are asking their friends working in IT in a local business, “Which antivirus should I buy?” - or that individuals who are using it at work and so saying, “Well, work’s already said this is a reliable product, it’s also one I know now, so we’re going to use it at home.

In this cycle 1, then, we agreed to three complementary programmes: to use online near 10 postcodes we had singled out for you, aligned with work with partners in promising geographic areas and direct B2B sales engagement in close proximity to these areas, too.

Initial findings were a 28% spike in website numbers from target areas, a 30% boost in page impressions from the same postcodes - and the appearance in the database of previously unknown customer profiles, proving that the outreach has started to succeed.

So the decision by ESET internal stakeholders to action a plan that on the face of it ran counter to the original business case as it was, it was worth a try - and the results have been dramatic: a 178% improvement in marketing ROI.

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