October 1, 2020

Government to Boost Public Sector Uptake of Cloud Solutions

G-Cloud 12
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G-Cloud 12, a government framework for the purpose of sourcing IT cloud solutions, is now live. The framework is designed to enable the adoption of cloud technologies by public sector organisations.

The programme features a pre-approved group of vendors, such as Synetec, considered suitable for public sector projects. All cloud service providers on the framework have been vetted for an ethical use of AI, as well as other special standards set for government suppliers. This means that one step in the procurement process has been removed from the organisations using the service.

We have long been involved in driving digital transformation, not only in the private sector, but also in the public, and recognise that sourcing IT cloud services through the platform will offer institutions considerable convenience and cost-savings compared to running their own on-premise service. Organisations are able to choose projects they require, whether it is to supplement their own IT department or to undertake an altogether new activity, and scale up or down as necessary.

Prior to the pandemic, we guided a major land referencing institution through a business transformation programme, expanding their internal software development capability while adopting agile practices as they continue to support their public sector client base.

Similar programmes will be easier to undertake through G-Cloud 12, a redesign and expansion on the previously available G-Cloud 11 service.

We offer 5 readily packaged services on the Cloud Support part of G-Cloud:

  1. Software Project Rescue
  2. Application Health Check
  3. Software Application Migration and Modernisation
  4. Managed Software Service Desk
  5. Cloud Software Application Scoping and Migration

We are also a supplier on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) Framework on the government’s Digital Marketplace, which complements G-Cloud 12 by being focused on procuring bespoke services rather than off-the-shelf cloud solutions.

“Our experience in not only the public sector but also in finance, another heavily regulated sector, gives us the maturity and practical know-how to take on a wide variety of projects. Our long-term goal is to be even more involved in improving public services in partnership with public sector organisations,” our CEO, George Toursoulopoulos says.

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