Empowerment through Data Independence in Financial Services

FinTech Focus Podcast with Synetec CEO George Toursoulopoulos on Data Transformation
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Some argue that the buy-side space for Asset Management and Investment Firms has been underserved in terms of technological innovation, but recently, that’s all changing. Challenges like the 2008 market crash and the COVID-19 pandemic have led firms to embrace tech and data in a far greater way.

Synetec's CEO, George Toursoulopoulos was recently interviewed by Toby Babb on the FinTech focus podcast by Harrington Star to share his thoughts and experience  working mostly with buy-side asset managers in the UK, Europe and now the US.

George elaborates on how businesses in the buy-side space have moved from a habit of out-sourcing with costly, bespoke systems to the adoption of SaaS offerings. The industries impression of the public cloud has certainly evolved and this has encouraged an investment of innovation. With that comes more frequent changes, allowing firms to quickly adapt and own their data.

George is coining this data transformation trend “Data independence” and believes companies should be empowered to take ownership of their unique stories through their unique data.

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