October 19, 2021

AI Is Not the Death of the Sales Team

AI is not the death of sales
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Business automation is an exciting but often controversial topic, and during a time when a pandemic has put digital transformation at the forefront of conversation, decision-makers are increasingly asking how they can utilise technology to improve their business operations.

Many people across the business spectrum have differing opinions when they hear the words ‘business automation’ or 'data transformation', which are often intertwined. On one hand, there is a sense of fear that automation will lead to mass job losses and a realisation of science fiction movies depicting robots taking over the world. But the realistic outlook is that automation will reduce costs, maximise productivity, improve operational efficiency and much more.

Will AI Replace Salespeople?

The short answer is simply 'no'. Although AI is expected to take over many repetitive tasks, the sales team won’t be made redundant any time soon. AI solutions, such as those involving machine learning, can support the sales team; not hinder them.

Instead of spending ages prospecting and qualifying leads, AI can be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage.  Using well-analysed data, companies can truly get to know their potential customers. 61% of B2B marketers find generating high-quality leads as their biggest challenge, which demonstrates why AI for sales can be such a game-changer.

Maximise Results and Growth Using Intelligent Tools

Sales reps spend a large amount of time attempting to persuade leads that were never going to buy in the first place, resulting in wasted effort. In today’s new reality, where buyers are taking over the sales process, the sales team need more powerful resources at their disposal to uncover higher quality leads. By using strategic marketing and customer intelligence, companies can uncover the best prospects quicker and more effectively.

Lead generation tools, such as Synetec’s award-winning AI for Sales and Marketing, delivers processed and meaningful information, removing the need for sales reps to come up with their own conclusions about what leads to follow. And with the UK’s top data scientist from University of Cambridge on Synetec’s team, as well as international project delivery gurus, you can be assured of top quality results.

The Birth of a New Era of Lead Generation

Rather than resulting in mass job losses, AI works in collaboration with sales reps, elevating their knowledge of who to target. Machine learning techniques ensure salespeople no longer have to second guess whether to pursue a lead, or spend time looking for contact details, resulting in significant sales increases. 

AI is not the death of the sales team, but instead, the birth of a new era of lead generation.

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