April 14, 2021

AI Marketing: Boosting ROI through Intelligent Prospecting

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The possibilities of AI Marketing are endless. Marketing professionals are discovering the application of AI in their marketing strategies to drive higher ROI.

Artificial intelligence can tell you which companies and contacts are ready to buy from you right now. AI marketing tools will help uncover the best prospects for your marketing campaigns, meaning you achieve maximum performance. You won’t waste time and money trying to market to audiences that won’t convert. Rather the use of AI tools allows you to put your resources exactly where they make the biggest difference.

We’ve launched our own Synetec AI product for heads of marketing and sales. The product comes complete with the direct contact details of the prime targets – GDPR compliant of course.

There are two ways of using the product, depending on whether it’s being used by marketing or sales.

  1. Defining your audience for use across marketing channels.
  2. Lead discovery for sales.

The AI has been in use for both purposes and has resulted in major KPI improvements all around. ESET have experienced a 178% increase in ROI across their marketing strategies. They’ve grown to become the number 3 cyber security company worldwide.

The average improvement has been 150% across all users.

Government R&D Help with Building Business Value 

Marketing AI tools implementation can be funded by R&D tax credits or grants. You can build company value and explore innovative ways of boosting results. Success with an AI platform is likely to result in more jobs created over time with the improved revenue, so everyone’s a winner here.

How Synetec AI Works 

  • We take the hassle out of implementation. Just leave it for us to do. 
  • The AI integrates into your existing marketing tools.  
  • Contact details of your prime targets are fed directly into your CRM.
  • After 12 weeks, performance is guaranteed to be up at least 100%. 
  • Sign up for an ongoing service after the 12 week trial, because you’ll want to. 

Contact us for a demo session so we can show you the ropes of AI for marketing.

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