A robust Software MVP in record time

“The discovery process and the external perspective early on is hugely valuable, and can save a lot of time and effort further down the line. It’s time well spent.”

Jonathan Graham
Managing Director, Gavurin

March 20, 2024

A robust Software MVP in record time
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Meet Jonathan. Managing Director of Gavurin a SaaS business that develops tools to help businesses get value out of data. And turn it into actionable insight.  


With a goal to reinvent one of Gavurin’s key enterprise-level software products, Jonathan and his team needed to understand what the new iteration could look like and fast. But since existing developers were focused on BAU, Jonathan was looking for an external software partner to lead the discovery process, complement in-house technical skills and create a viable and robust MVP.


“Right off the bat, Synetec were very straight-talking; they knew the project was a priority for us and their process was pacey and slick.” Jonathan Graham, Managing Director, Gavurin


The Solution


We started with our guarantee delivery process which is how we guarantee delivery. And because we knew the project was a priority and swift action was required, we focused on getting the correct information at each stage before quickly moving on. Which helped Jonathan make quick, informed decisions at each stage.


We immersed ourselves in Gavurin’s processes to extract domain knowledge, then applied our own best practise and expertise and gently challenged the Gavurin team in order to create a three-dimensional view of the product.  


“We had a vision and some of the skills but we wanted critical thinking; someone to challenge us and fit around our team.” Jonathan Graham, Managing Director, Gavurin


We helped Jonathan and his team put ‘pet passions’ into context and objectively prioritise actions, focusing on what would be most valuable for users.  


“Synetec were a really good sounding board. They helped us sharpen our focus on what matters and be more succinct, without talking in circles.” Jonathan Graham, Managing Director, Gavurin


 The Transformation


Partnering with Synetec gave Gavurin the confidence to launch an MVP in the quickest possible time to market. And our proven Discovery process meant that Gavurin could meet the tight timescales of their project without compromising on quality.


“Synetec really feel like a partner. They know what we’re about and having someone you can trust at the end of the phone is really reassuring.”


Our critical thinking enabled Jonathan and his team to understand the process behind the MVP and the importance of objectivity when operating to tight deadlines. The team are excited about the future of their new Glass product and now feel able to talk to customers more confidently about the future of their data-driven content.

“I’m really impressed with how Synetec operate. You can rely on them to do what they say they’re going to do which is so, so valuable.” Jonathan Graham, Managing Director, Gavurin


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