Integrating Artificial Intelligence to better support customers


March 5, 2024

Integrating Artificial Intelligence to better support customers
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Business Challenge

SCQuARE provides an industry leading strategic thinking framework to some of the largest organisations around the globe, helping them organise their critical thinking, reasoning and presentation of strategic decision making for new products and services.

One of the biggest challenges when making such impactful decisions is not only to organise thinking in a structured manner, but also to support the user with the appropriate wording and turn of phrase to eloquently and effectively present their ideas to stakeholders with the intention of getting buy-in.

Our Solution

SCQuARE decided to leverage the power and potential of generative AI to assist their customers with this critical strategic challenge. Working with Synetec, their trusted technology partners for many years, they delivered a ground-breaking solution to help customers make strategic decisions more efficiently. This is delivered via the strategic Pivotal Question which is the decision point of the plan – the opportunity was seen to give the user even more assistance in finding the right question and harnessing the full power of the analysis making it easier for the users to frame their thinking in a compelling way.

Enhanced Communication Management

Reviewing the myriad of AI tools, we selected OpenAI with its well-known capabilities to facilitate the efficient wording of the strategic organised thinking. Using the OpenAI API they were able to integrate these capabilities into the existing system in a very short time.

Streamlined User Experience

A redesign of certain key screens allowed a more user-centric experience, orchestrating the transmission of the user's list of preferred options, simplifying the process of engaging with AI-powered recommendations.

Dynamic Model and Message Management

Synetec's architecture ensures flexibility by identify the relevant ChatGPT model to be employed during requests to the OpenAI API. This information is efficiently stored, allowing for easy updates as needed, enabling the quick experimentation with newer models to achieve the best results.

Effective AI Instruction

The implementation plays a crucial role in instructing the AI and providing context for responses, which ensures optimal output, delivering a concise set of recommendations, while adhering to specific content and length constraints.

Engaging User Interface

Synetec designed an engaging typewriter effect, simulating a conversational experience with ChatGPT. This design choice offers users an interactive and immersive interface, enhancing the quality of user interactions with the AI system.

Feedback and Iteration

Users benefit from the option to utilize the generated text or request the AI to retry, potentially yielding improved responses. The iterative interactions with the AI system allows tweaking of the output to ensure a tailored and appropriate outcome.

The Results

Enhanced User Experience: The introduction of AI functionality by Synetec has empowered iSCQuARE users to effortlessly access potential suggestions for their main actions. This in turn has significantly simplified the process of producing a structured strategic plan.

Positive Feedback: iSCQuARE users expressed their satisfaction with the outcomes achieved through AI integration, highlighting the valuable impact it has had on the user experience.

Expansion Opportunity: Based on the success and satisfaction derived from the initial implementation, there is now a strong desire to extend AI functionality to multiple other sections of the iSCQuARE system. This decision promises to further enhance the system's overall functionality and user adoption of the framework.

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