June 8, 2020

Webinar: How to use Data Science to grow your revenue

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Now an exclusive Webinar. 10am, 23rd June 2020

According to research group Forrester, by the year 2020, data-driven businesses will be worth $1.2 trillion, which is up from $333 billion in the year 2015. At this event we will look to show you how you can take advantage of previously unavailable indicators inherent in your data, which you are currently unaware of, to look for client behavioural predictors to trigger actions that help your business to grow through data transformation.

Join us at this exclusive Webinar where we will discuss how we can help you to use Data Science to quantifiably grow your revenue. With our Actionable Insights and Audience Definition service, utilising our serverless cloud based technology; we can help you take advantage of data science and machine learning algorithms, developed by the finest brains in the country, without the heavy costs and lengthy time periods typically associated with data science projects.

Learn how you can enable your key revenue-generating staff – sales people, dealers, brokers, etc – to have their daily activity be strategically directed on a real time basis; always working on the most impactful thing.

This briefing gives you the chance to hear from experts as well as discuss the topics presented with your peers and learn how others are facing and addressing the same challenges you are. You will also hear from leading cyber security software provider ESET and FX service provider Argentex on how they have used data science in their business to help develop Actionable Insights to grow revenue. Click here to register now.

Who should attend?

Senior decision makers looking to use Data Science as a catalyst for change and to help grow their business.

What you’ll take away

How to drive business outcomes from your data, including a clear understanding of the next steps and timescales involved.

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