May 24, 2021

Synetec COO Shortlisted at Women in IT Awards

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Lisa Venter joined us in January 2020 and right from day 1, we knew we’d found someone extremely special. A natural leader, with sharp business acumen, Lisa has successfully built a robust, responsive and agile operational team through clear planning, sustained improvement and empowered front-line teams. 

Lisa’s leadership skills have now been recognised by the Women in IT Awards, shortlisting her in the category of Board Director of the Year. While none of her colleagues are surprised, we’re grateful that she has been set as an example by such a celebrated organisation as Women in IT. 

A Respected and Talented Leader  

Lisa is incredibly talented at balancing the challenging elements of her role where a strategic and focused approach is needed to deliver at pace, with a strong and nurturing commitment to develop people for their career success. Despite challenging times through the pandemic, Lisa continued to delight customers and has been fundamental to the success of our business. With her experience and in-depth understanding of the subject matter, Lisa has brought out the best in her team, being the empathetic and supportive leader they need but with the necessary firm and fair approach to get things done. We’re incredibly lucky to have her and are delighted with the phenomenal impact she’s had on our business. 

With her calm and composed nature and a commitment to supporting her team, Lisa is a highly respected leader within Synetec. Her skills and experience speak for themselves, but rather than guarding her knowledge, she actively seeks out opportunities to empower her team by sharing her wisdom. She’s a very different type of leader, highly professional and firm, but always open and empathetic. Lisa has made a really big difference to our team, she’s very nurturing and genuinely wants to see people develop. She puts herself into their shoes, but encourages them to take ownership of their career advancements but with her full support and guidance.  

Lisa is committed to providing equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of race, gender or nationality. This is reflected in the employee demographics of our business; we’re proud to have such a diverse workforce and with Lisa’s empathy and understanding of cultural differences she has a truly inclusive mindset. Lisa is a shining example of how to successfully balance all aspects of a senior role, inspiring the next generation of not just female business leaders, but anyone who has aspirations to advance their career. 

Although Lisa is composed and very humble, she has a steely determination with the utmost confidence and professionalism which resonates with all our customers. 

We will keep our fingers crossed for Lisa at the virtual awards ceremony on June 24th. May the best woman win. 

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