August 12, 2021

Our AI Wins Award for Top Software

Award winning AI
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Synetec’s new AI offering is already winning industry recognition, having been awarded the prize for Top Artificial Intelligence Software by Goodfirms. Keep reading for an outline of the benefits of the product, and details on how it works.

Why is Synetec AI Getting Recognition?  

  • Real cases of business growth from early adopters. The average sales improvement has been 150% across all users.  
  • Synetec AI is an easy way to start using the potential of AI for growing your business. We make the implementation effortless during our onboarding process. 
  • Proven results. KPIs have been documented carefully to measure improvement. 
  • Synetec AI was created in collaboration with the UK’s top data scientist Dr Tim Rye, from University of Cambridge. 

What Does Synetec AI Do?

To put it simply, you end up with a steady flow of quality leads for your sales team to engage with.  

  • Machine learning identifies the variables to define the best customer for you. Many crucial variables are impossible to spot with human intuition only, instead you need the advanced analytics of our algorithm. 
  • These variables are then identified in companies that are not yet customers of yours.  
  • You get presented with the hottest leads, complete with GDPR-compliant contact details of the best people to approach. 

See It with Your Own Eyes

If your business is ready for sustained growth, contact us for a demo of our award-winning AI platform.


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