November 18, 2021

How to Plan New Software?

How to plan software for digital transformation
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Are you thinking about new software to enable your digital transformation? You're in the right place. Keep reading about how to prepare and how to ensure a positive impact on the business.

What Are You Looking to Achieve? 

recent survey suggests that COVID-19 has sped up the adoption of digital technologies by several years. However, before you rush to bring in a new wave of talent, technologies and processes to support your digital transformation, it’s important to first understand the challenges you’re trying to address.  

Without clear business benefits and a strategic vision at the core of your project plans, you can end up wasting a lot of resources and time without any business value to show for it. 

Setting Meaningful Timelines  

Setting deadlines can be a challenge, but setting arbitrary dates will likely lead to low productivity. Instead, you should tie this into what’s happening in your business.  

You might be launching a new product, or maybe you’re looking to build a platform to become part of your IP. Whatever your business objectives are, your timelines should be intrinsically linked to what you’re trying to achieve. 

Before embarking on your digital transformation, you need to ascertain whether you have enough internal resources to reach your goals. Can you gain the support of other business stakeholders and departments involved to deliver the transformation on time? Have you set realistic timelines, and how will your budget link into this?

Building an MVP 

Although technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Internet of Things (IoT), and Augmented Reality (AR) are rapidly being adopted by many sectors, implementing these without a clear business goal is likely to end in failure.  

This is why building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) allows you to gain the correct balance between value justification and technical feasibility. 

Partnering with a Software Development Supplier  

The reality is that many businesses do not have the time and level of expertise to properly integrate new software as part of their digital transformation. This is why finding an experienced software development partner that truly understands what you want to achieve will ensure your software is delivered on time, on budget. Most importantly the software needs to deliver true business value.   

It’s important to work closely with your software development supplier, ensuring that regular feedback, updates and releases are shared between teams. This makes it easier to catch and resolve any issues early on in the development project.  

The iterative nature of Agile development lends itself well to knowing what deliverables are required at each stage of the project and whether the business value is being achieved.    

Be More Prepared  

Digital transformation has become somewhat of a buzzword, but by planning upfront and understanding what you want your business to achieve, your resulting software will be better placed to serve your end-users.   

Synetec is an award-winning digital transformation and software support agency based in London positioned to give your business tangible results.  

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