February 10, 2020

Helping organisations grow their revenue using data science

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An event recap of our peer networking breakfast

Last week we hosted an event on how to use Data Science to grow your revenue. The event focussed on how you can capitalise on previously unavailable indicators inherent in your data to look for client behavioural predictors to trigger actions that help your business to grow. This is a natural progression from the work we have been doing with our clients and the new service we've developed to support this: Actionable Insights and Audience Definition.

To help put this in context, Actionable Insights is a data science term for information that can be acted upon or information that gives an organisation enough insight into the future that the actions that should be taken become clear for decision makers. Audience Definition identifies where the most promising prospects are, which networks they sit in and how to activate those networks. This is geographical networks and spheres of influence.

For me, in my role as Chief Commercial Officer, this is excellent as it helps to ensure key revenue generating staff have their daily activity being strategically directed on a real time basis; always working on the most impactful thing. Who wouldn't want that?

The event was chaired by Matthew McGrory, our interim COO and non-exec director. As the chair Matt set the scene and facilitated the conversation, under Chatham House rules, that naturally stemmed from such a thought provoking topic. Our keynote speaker was Dr Tim Drye, Director of Data Analysts User Group, who gave a very interesting presentation on delivering actionable data diagnosis, and the key pattern differences between high volume low value selling and low volume high value selling. Both are very different so require a different set of questions and algorithms when interrogating the data.

We were then fortunate to have a case study from foreign exchange dealer Argentex, one of our long standing customers. Unfortunately Carl Jani, their CEO, was called away a few days prior so Gary Cole, managing director of our data science partner Lumilinks, stepped in to provide an overview of the work we have done and the benefits Argentex has gained. Matthew then led a round table discussion for the 25 or so in attendance before we continued in smaller groups over breakfast.

Initial feedback on the quality of the presentations and the peer networking breakfast discussion has been extremely positive. Feedback was so good! So if you'd like to know more, discuss your requirements, and hear how we're helping others then why not register today.

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