August 18, 2021

Enterprise Software Trends in 2021

Software Development Trends
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We bring you a roundup of 11 trends prominent in the world of enterprise tech and software development right now. Some have been relevant for a while, and continue to increase in importance, while others are newcomers.  

Looking at trends can help you find new opportunities that your competitors are probably already making use of.  

Many of the software development trends revolve around two major themes: infrastructure and data – especially making the most of data. This includes being able to process and use data (Python, Big Data, AI, IoT) and keeping data secure (cybersecurity).

Top 11 Trends

  1. De-centralised infrastructure: cloud, cloud everywhere 
  2. Edge computing 
  3. Progressive web apps
  4. Software architecture: microservices
  5. Artificial Intelligence expansion  
  6. The Big Data industry 
  7. Programming languages: the rise of Python 
  8. Rapid application development: low code/no-code 
  9. Internet of Things (IoT) 
  10. Cybersecurity 
  11. Remote and hybrid working made permanent 

We are seeing first-hand that the real-life uses of AI and Big Data are becoming clearer to businesses. Savvy C level people are now actively looking for solutions to problems that they previously weren’t aware could be solved through tech.  

It’s about time for companies to look into how they can make the most of data. Those who don’t have a mature data strategy, should be investigating how data can help different departments hit goals. 

An article on Harvard Business Review outlines the concerns related to not utilising the modern tools available for data. Even those who are confident due to past successes need to be wary:

To retain their leadership positions, traditionally data-rich companies must adapt their data and analytics processes to incorporate the latest techniques, or risk falling behind those companies that embrace Big Data, AI, and machine learning

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What Happens Next? 

Hopefully our list has made you to put your thinking cap on and consider how to use tech to achieve new wins.

Get in touch for an informal chat about how tech can help you make the most of the opportunities that are open to your company. 

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