August 17, 2021

Award for Top Software Development Company

Top Software Development Company Award
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We’re pleased to announce that we are Top Software Development Company according to the tech site Well done to our technical team who have made this award possible. 

The award means a double win for Synetec – we also won Top Artificial Intelligence Software with Synetec AI, our off-the-shelf, easy to implement AI solution that is the intelligent alternative to market leader ZoomInfo.

What the Award Means

Building bespoke software is how we made our name in the industry, and we still pride ourselves on building software that helps the customer achieve efficiency and performance improvements that were previously impossible.  

We’ve grown organically as a company by creating and enhancing bespoke software, and we’re glad to see the work of our team being recognised. We cherish each award so that we can remind our team members that their hard work and expertise are appreciated, not just by colleagues but also by customers. 

We’re going through a very busy, exciting time at the moment. We’ve recently partnered up with many new customers. Moreover, many existing customers have recognised the business returns they were getting from our work, and are inspired to expand the partnership to new areas. This truly enables them to reach for new heights and solidifies our role as their growth partner. 

The Synetec philosophy is that tech is most valuable when it is seen as a tool for reacting to business challenges and opportunities. For this reason, we always have a business-first focus to software development rather than tech-first, and our customers appreciate this. Our philosophy means we have a discovery-led approach so that we can truly identify where the biggest gains are to be achieved.

It’s because of this philosophy that customers truly trust us as an ally and stay with us for years. We’ve taken Argentex from startup to IPO and beyond, and they still continue to grow with us. 

Our company culture encourages creative problem-solving and collaboration. Read more about our ethos here.

What about the AI Award?

Did you want to read more about Synetec AI? The tool gives you a steady flow of leads that have been identified as being ready to buy from you by the cutting-edge machine learning algorithm. This is how it works.

If you’re interested in how tech can help you rise up to challenges, get in touch today.

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