September 16, 2021

How Selenium helps with Software Testing Automation in 2022

Automate testing early and stay ahead with Selenium
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In a competitive landscape driven by speed and seamlessly integrated software, companies are under increasing pressure to implement test automation tools in the early stages of product development.  In addition, new government proposals in 2021 that aim to strengthen content moderation and data privacy further elevates the need for companies to invest in reliable and cost-effective unit testing methods.   

With humans doing all the work, manual testing is both time-consuming and less reliable compared to automated tests.  And in the long-term, this old-fashioned approach can also be expensive.  The web applications of today often require changes to be made quickly whilst keeping reliability intact. 

Instead, a fast, cost-effective automated solution is required at the early stages of development.  A dynamic tool that can handle multiple testing scenarios that must be easily accessible for developers.  

What is Software testing automation?

Software testing is the process of putting a product through its paces to ensure it meets the required standard.

It is executed across the entire software lifecycle, from the initial design and development, through to the deployment and support of the finished product.

During testing, different types of tests are performed to assess the quality, functionality, and usability of the software. For example, functional testing of an eCommerce website would focus on a user’s ability to complete a transaction using the website.

Automated testing refers to a method of testing that is carried out without any manual intervention. It is also known as computer-assisted testing (CAT). It can also be applied at various stages of the software development process, such as unit testing or integration testing.

Introducing Selenium 

Starting in 2004 at ThoughtWorks in Chicago, Selenium is now a widely used suite of tools for automating web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE.  Without the headache of dealing with hundreds of pages of test scripts, this flexible tool helps developers and testers quickly make changes to code.   

In our Selenium case study, we recall how our team of world-class experts created suites of fully automated regression tests, unit tests and test automation frameworks using the power of this open-source technology. The solution was designed for one of our clients who manage foreign exchange transactions for their customers across EMEA.

One of the key advantages the team discovered whilst using Selenium was its record/playback tool for authoring tests, as well as the domain-specific language Selenese, which can be used to write tests in several popular programming languages. such as, Python, Java, C#, PHP, Perl, Ruby 

Also test cases can be executed with Linux, Mac or Windows platforms. Selenium also provides Continuous Testing capabilities with Jenkins, Maven & even Docker and can be integrated with JUnit, TestNG tools.     

Better Code, Fewer Resources

At Synetec, we understand that businesses are looking for faster results, without sacrificing reliability.  To keep up with today’s competitive market, value delivered too slowly will result in missed opportunities.  Automation testing tools are great to increase speed and ease your software testing needs. 

With support from our delivery experts, your developers will be able to run tests whenever they’ve updated a piece of code.  We help shorten your project timelines and provide an excellent return on investment.    

As Selenium is an open source software, it doesn’t come with reliable technical support, and getting setup requires specialist skills and experience.  That’s where we come in.  In our case study on the Selenium test automation tool, we reduced project timelines by 15-20%.  

Contact us today for a consultation on how to start using Selenium. 

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