Transforming User Experience for SCQuARE

“With Synetec it’s not just about the development and software support; it’s also about the reassurance of a trusted partner, and the personal connection and relationship.”

Paul Wilkinson

May 9, 2024

Transforming User Experience for SCQuARE
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The stack of problems

Meet Paul. CEO of SCQuARE; a niche training and consultancy provider that helps leaders all over the world with critical leadership, strategic thinking and presentation of ideas.

SCQuARE use an online interactive tool to embed learning and training techniques and pride themselves on helping high-profile, multi-national clients such as CocaCola, Disney and Bank of America.  And with most of their business coming from referrals, the SCQuARE software is essential for creating sustained change and driving new business.

But the software (built on legacy code and developed in-house) had been added to over the years, creating a system that was slow and clunky with poor security and usability.


Paul knew he needed a different approach. He was looking for expert software support and a software development partner to transform the SCQuARE online learning tool into a slick, reliable and intuitive platform.  

“We had an in-house developer, but we wanted deeper expertise; to explore how we could do things better.”

Paul Wilkinson, CEO, SCQuARE

The Solution

When we met Paul, he was open about the fact that he was also looking at other agencies. And we were honest about the need for a partnership approach as well as full involvement from him and his team. We took time to ask the right questions which helped lay the foundations for a lasting partnership.

“With Synetec it’s not just about the development and software support; it’s also about the reassurance of a trusted partner, and the personal connection and relationship.”

Paul Wilkinson, CEO, SCQuARE

We used Agile project methodology and highly-focused sprints to make significant improvements in a short space of time. As well as improving functionality, we created a slicker user experience and overhauled the look and feel of the tool to align with SCQuAREs growth ambitions and high-profile target clients.  


Paul now subcontracts all development work to Synetec who work as an extension of the SCQuARE team. With daily meetings to discuss ongoing development, SCQuARE get an in-house feel without the stress and cost of hiring software development teams.

The Transformation

Partnering with Synetec not only enabled SCQuARE to rebuild their classroom-based business digitally, but also helped the consultancy business bounce back to pre-pandemic turnover.


“The ability to think strategically and present effectively, is a massive benefit to our clients. The improved online tool is helping people apply our methodology more easily and as a business it’s also helped us to scale.”  

Paul Wilkinson, CEO, SCQuARE


SCQuARE now have a slick and secure online tool that stands up to their reputable methodology. Paul has complete peace of mind that development is in safe hands and that the system is constantly being improved. And the software provides reassurance to new customers helping to drive repeat business and secure new sales too.


“Synetec is a great partner; the team are committed to giving us the best service and they’ve made significant improvements to our system.”

Paul Wilkinson, CEO, SCQuARE


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