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Free Guide: How to Hire Developers
(and keep them)

If you develop software and are having to prioritise business as usual over innovation because you can’t find the resources to balance both, this guide was written for YOU.

Written by our Head of Development and COO this guide contains over 4 decades of combined experience hiring developers to build hybrid and remote teams that have not missed a deadline or run over budget since 2019.

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Proven strategies on how to hire developers from the experts that guarantee delivery

The team at Synetec have not missed a deadline or run over budget since 2019 and there's a good reason for this. We hire the best people, we foster a culture for growth and we combine this with the best processes. This guide shares proven strategies that have enabled us to achieve this.

What if just one idea from this guide helped you hire your next superstar or saved you from being pipped to the post by a competitor?

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You need this Guide if you want to know how to hire developers and you're:

  • Trying to expand your team but keep missing out on the best candidates or you're losing them to the competition at the last stage
  • Having to prioritise business as usual because you can't hire more people to help develop new features and functionality
  • Seeing deadlines slipping because you don't have enough skill or resource to manage everything
  • Struggling to maintain your system and keep up with customer requests
  • Seeing your current team lose enthusiasm and run the risk of losing your best people
  • Have been put at risk because of keyman dependency
The industry standard is 2 out of 3 software projects run over on budget and time. Synetec has delivered more than one hundred projects since 2019 without running over on budget or time. How? We put equal emphasis on People, Process and Culture. Read about our guarantee delivery process here.
Laurie Cunningham
Chief Technical Officer, TerraQuest
We've grown our team despite the current hiring challenges
The practical advice in this eBook around how to hire developers gave me ideas I've since implemented that helped to improve my entire recruitment process.
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Synetec is an award-winning, UK-based Software Development Company.  Small enough to care, big enough to guarantee delivery.

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