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How to Scale Your Software Faster: Digital Transformation for the bold and the brave

There's a lot of risk and uncertainty when it comes to transforming your software, especially if BAU is taking up all of your developers time.

You know you need to change if you want your business to grow.

This FREE Guide will show you HOW to transform and scale your software faster so that you can achieve your business goals.

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BAU is boring but necessary

This guide will help you create a digital transformation plan if:
  • You want to scale your software
  • You want to enter new markets
  • You want to upskill your developers

Even if you don’t have enough resource to resolve tech debt and develop something new, all at the same time – this guide will help you cut through the noise and give you confidence to move forwards.

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The risk of doing nothing

And why you might want to change:

Whatever the reason, you’ve got a gut feeling that you need to change and do something differently. And you know that none of these things will get better with time. So, in case you needed to hear it, now is the right time. And this guide is the first step to helping you feel more in control.

  • Your software has a problem or it's creaking at the seams: you know it’s not going to get better and you also know that with more usage and more data, it’s likely to get worse.
  • You've got customers who want new features: if you don't service their needs, someone else will. Which means a missed opportunity for you and a win for your competitors.
  • You’re worried about team members leaving: the work-from-home culture has created a free global market for developers which has driven huge salary increases and more control and choice for employees.
Laurie Cunningham
Chief Technical Officer, TerraQuest
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Whilst technical debt is not the most exciting part of the software development process, Synetec’s commitment to software best practice has been a core reason why we haven’t missed a deadline since 2019.
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