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Software Development Risk Review

Navigate the complexities of software development with confidence. At Synetec, we specialize in identifying, analysing, and mitigating risks in your software development lifecycle. Our comprehensive risk review process ensures your IP is secure, code and data are safe, quality is of the required standard and processes are free from critical vulnerabilities.

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Why Synetec Software Development Risk Services?
Expert Team
Practical Approach
Preventative Focus
Andrew Egan CCO
Andrew Egan
Managing Director, Argentex
Working with Synetec has been a game-changer for our business. Their data reporting support services have transformed how we approach decision-making.
“Choosing Synetec for our software development risk assessment was a game-changer. Their in-depth analysis and precise risk assessment guided us to make informed decisions, ensuring we were able to quickly address areas of potential risk and ensuring our investment in our software was safeguarded. An invaluable partner in shaping our software development future."

Why Synetec Software Development Risk Review Services?

Expert Team - Our UK-based team of skilled certified professionals bring years of experience in software development, architecture & DevOps, change management and quality assurance to the table.

Practical Approach - Every project is unique, and we combine a proven methodology with a practical understanding to identify the most impactful risk areas for you.

Preventative Focus - Our goal is to not just solve problems but to prevent them, saving you time, resources and protecting you from the impact of reputational and regulatory risk.
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Risk Identification

We meticulously examine your development lifecycle to pinpoint potential risks in design, implementation, and deployment.

Impact Analysis

Our experts evaluate the potential impact of identified risks, providing you with clear insights into their severity and implications.

Mitigation Strategies

We don't just identify risks; we offer tailored strategies to mitigate them effectively, ensuring a smoother project flow.

Compliance Check

Stay aligned with industry standards and regulations with our thorough compliance assessments.

Continuous Monitoring

We offer ongoing risk monitoring services to identify and address new risks as your software, development team and environment evolves.

Remediation Support

Our team can support your organisation to implement the recommended remediation and reduce the risks quickly.

Give us 30 minutes of your time and we'll give you clarity and a roadmap so that you can achieve your business goals (even if you choose not to work with us)
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Don't take our word for it - hear what our clients have said

We realise that it sounds too good to be true that a bespoke software company hasn't missed a deadline or run over budget since 2019 which is why we encourage you to find out from our many long-standing clients what it's really like to work with us.


Genesis Investment Management

- Sally Barr, Senior manager

I have worked with Synetec on several large, high-profile projects since 2011. I would have no hesitation in recommending them. They are excellent in understanding the business requirements, and estimating the resources required to deliver this. They are reliable and professional, and we have been very pleased with the software delivered.


- Paul Wilkinson, CEO

Winning new business will be easier as the updated platform delivers a contemporary, responsive service. With the improved User Experience, SCQuARE  can now start looking at how we can support business growth and move into new service territories.

Vida Homeloans

- David Flashman, Head of IT

We now know exactly what we will see on Azure in terms of performance improvement and cost reduction, which is critical before making the move. Synetec also provided us with a testing tool we can keep using before rolling out any updates, ensuring continuity.


- Carl Jani, Co-CEO

Synetec have worked with us to design a CRM and trading platform for our business, a deliverable foreign exchange broker. The service has been incredibly sharp and their insight into developing the various models has been invaluable.

Zorin Finance

- Luke Townsend, CEO

The best thing about working with Synetec is twofold: a) taking the strain off us i.e. a fast growing business for which employing full-time headcount for a project such as this doesn’t make sense and b) your patience in allowing us to continually refine our tech requirements!

Arch Services

- Adam Coals, Operations Manager

We have worked with Synetec for 11 months now with system design, analysis and development expertise. Their customer service and expertise have been exemplary and their combination of industry and technological expertise have proved to be most valuable.

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