Scoping Consultancy from Synetec

Synetec Scoping is a consultancy service that follows a structured process that allows our team to understand your business and system needs in order to provide you with an indication of cost, effort and time required to build your software system.

  • Scoping Lite aims to gather just enough detail for our team to provide a high-level system design that can then be estimated to provide you with a Rough Order of Magnitude quote and associated proposal for the implementation of your software system.
  • Scoping Advanced aims to provide you with the full low level detail you require, including an in-depth proposal, in order to kick your development project off tomorrow.

Once complete, Synetec will provide you with a Scope Definition document, together with an associated proposal. The services are designed to give you a blueprint for the next steps and can be used as a one-off engagement with Synetec for another team to implement or as part of a wider engagement where Synetec will provide the development services as well.

Scoping Process

The Synetec Scoping Services consist of a sequence of distinct activities that allows us to build a common understanding of what your system should be. These include:

  • Timeframe Agreement
  • Requirements & Constraints Workshops
  • Requirements Definition
  • Requirements Clarification
  • Requirements Sign-Off
  • Solution Design
  • Sizing
  • Proposal


The duration of the Scoping Lite process is approximately 4 weeks, depending on your availability. For Scoping Advanced this is longer and depends on the complexity and size of your requirements.

Scoping April 9, 2020