.NET Core Developers

.NET Core is a cross platform implementation of the .NET framework: Using .NET Core, .NET applications can be deployed on Linux, windows and MacOS.

This cross platform implementation has expanded the reach of .NET, particularly in the cloud. .NET Core can be used in a number of exciting ways, including serverless applications (using AWS lambda) further increasing the power, scalability and cost efficiency of .NET web applications.

Like all elements of the .NET suite, .NET Core is industry-proven, reliable, high-performance and secure. This makes it an ideal technology upon which to base modern web application development. We are expert .NET Core Software Developers based in London.

.NET Core Software Development Services

At Synetec .NET Core is central to many services we provide. When developing solutions for our customers we evaluate the appropriate technologies to use, ensuring the right choices are made to meet our customers’ requirements.

Where possible, we like to use .NET Core in order to provide long-term deployment flexibility for our bespoke .NET core applications, be that individual microservices or full web APIs.

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.NET Core Developers London April 30, 2019