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New functionality. Proof of concept. Market-leading innovation. We work with technology leaders at established organisations and high growth businesses (plus the VCs that fund them) to bring innovative and impactful concepts to market at lightning speed – no waiting around for lengthy delivery times while you miss opportunities. Our clients know that to disrupt markets and grow faster than the competition, the design and delivery of custom technology is often key. In record speed and uncompromised quality, we design minimum viable product MVP software around a business’ unique processes and create the point of differentiation that customers and investors crave. Founders, leaders and investors work with us to create the bespoke MVP software that will underpin continued growth and innovation.

Growth Accelerator Program

The Growth Accelerator Program (GAP) is designed to build a deep understanding of the operational software needed to deliver short, medium & long term business and technology goals. The GAP provides the intelligence needed to plan and build MVP bespoke operational systems that will support growth and enhance Innovation. We alleviate operational constraints on CTO’s and their talented teams allowing them to focus on front-end product development and getting new and innovative products to market quickly.

Program activities include:

  • Workshops to understand Short, Medium, Long term business and technology goals
  • ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ assessment of the organisations operational software and systems
  • Analyse operational use-cases that bespoke minimum viable product software will improve and support
  • Time, Cost and Complexity roadmap for delivering requisite bespoke MVP software

The stages of MVP technology development


Founders self-funding a minimum viable product (MVP) using personal computers and self-service cloud applications for development & operations.


Full founding team working with part-time/offshore contractors developing MVP, utilising cloud based applications and starting to build proprietary operational software & databases. Angel investors bought in to provide cashflow and expertise.


Full 1.0 version of product live & showing signs of customer acquisition growth. Creation of an operations team & full time dev team to work on improving, and adding features, for the 2.0 product. First round of VC funding finalised to underpin growth and fund operational maturity and long term office space.


Measurable market traction & the development of complimentary products. Building a base of repeat customers and brand ambassadors. Build proprietary tools and software hosted in the public cloud for product development, building bespoke operational software to merge front-end & back-end systems. Further VC rounds and institutional investment closed.


Founders start to take a back seat, ‘C-suite’ recruited to run day-day business & to achieve growth targets. Growth continues and organisation is now profitable and looking at new markets & acquisitions. All shareholders make plans for exit & drive operational maturity to underpin growth by ensuring org is built on proprietary systems and not dependant on 3rd parties, ultimately increasing company profit and value.

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Minimum Viable Product MVP Development April 30, 2019