How your bespoke software can be the sturdy foundation of your competitive edge

It’s only when the lightbulb in your living room goes out that you look in the corner and remember you have a lampshade. The best systems that empower your life are those that are quiet, consistent, and get on with their job without complaint – giving you the time to get on with yours.

Why is there nothing more irritating than installing a new update on your phone, causing you to shut the whole thing down for several minutes? Because you’re used to it working for you impeccably, without interruption.

The same goes for bespoke software for your business. If you’re spending too much of your budget just to make your software work for you, trying to speed it up and improve it, then something’s wrong. Custom tech is becoming increasingly more popular than off-the-shelf solutions because, unbound from the inherent restrictions of off-the-shelf, stakeholders who know the business inside out can drive the tailoring and ongoing improvement of systems to solve specific operational challenges. The ability to fully customise allows constant enhancement for both your current needs and future growth – supporting your ability to gain and retain competitive edge. That is, if your tech is fit-for-purpose in the first place and you have the right partner to support you.

The power behind your market differentiation

Just like your boiler gives you the luxury of not thinking about how your home stays warm, so does the right technology take the burden of operational processes away from IT decision-makers.

You might have been sold an idea that your software is the sparkly new thing that your team will sing about, but the reality is that it shouldn’t be your focus at all. If you’re worrying about your bespoke system – how fast it’s working, how reliable it is this week, what support you have in place in case something goes wrong – then it’s not doing its job. Just like the boiler that ticks along without you ever having to think about your hot showers, so should your software power your business – to the point where you forget all about it.

Only when your systems are so reliable that they become white noise can you focus on the important stuff – your differentiation in the market, your competitive advantage, your USPs. If you’re wasting your time and resources worrying about how your software can support your functions, you’re not spending it on the decisions and action that will really impact your business.

How to get your software from suspect to structurally sound

Bespoke software that holds up without complaint relies on a consistent support network behind it. If you’re relying too heavily on a single developer or your own internal resources, you may have high staff costs and key-man dependency risks that are not working for the business. You’ll never free up enough of your time, budget and energy for developing your business’s individuality. You could benefit from an on-demand team of experts provided by your supplier in a more flexible engagement model to support your operationally-critical systems.

When you have the right partner in place, you’ll spend less time and money worrying that your systems can no longer meet current needs, let alone meet the future requirements of the business, and more time keeping abreast of the constantly-evolving technology landscape, whilst supporting the innovation that drives the business forward. Then the only way to move beyond simply ‘keeping up’ is embedding a flexible approach that works quietly and consistently for your operations, allowing new doors to open.

New technologies and latest cloud-based innovation can be a powerful move but only if it supports the business and only in the right hands. If you’re experiencing performance problems from ageing legacy systems, then migration to the cloud and latest tech might be a good idea to eliminate performance bottlenecks, but you need the right skills, resources and experience in place to get you there without spiralling costs out of control.

With a trusted software development partner to support your systems, you’ll barely notice them, and while it may not be the thing you shout about to your most valued customers, it will be the driving force that allows them to notice you in the first place.

You don’t want your bespoke software to be the unreliable roof over your head that you constantly worry about while you try get to on with business as usual. You want it to provide a reliable structure, whatever the weather, helping your organisation stand out.

Breaking down barriers

If Archimedes never had time to take a long bath, would he have ever had his ‘Eureka!’ moment? Without a system that can take a back seat, you might be getting distracted by operational issues that stop you from quickly finding your competitive edge. A system that can’t support your growth is simply a barrier to finding and proving your point of differentiation in the market.

If you hear from your system, something’s gone wrong. While you may think you need a beast of a system to break down the barriers to your business growth, the future of bespoke software is more whisper than scream. Dutiful and controlled, quietly doing its perfect job, letting you get on with yours.

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