Managing Security of Bespoke Software

Managing cyber security

Your data is always at risk. That’s a fact. Your success or failure depends on how you react to that risk by managing security. Nearly 80% of IT leaders believe their organisation lacks sufficient protection against attacks. With a global shortage in cyber security skills, this is hardly surprising. Companies who build and support their own software tend to find

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Is Project Success or Failure Owned by Senior Executives?

Is Project Success or Failure Owned by Senior Executives? Executives in an organisation set the business goals for the coming year or years. But it seems that organisations struggle to tangibly translate this back into actionable work items such as projects. And how does and organisation prioritise these projects? The answers should centre around the economic impact of the project’s

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IR35 Compliant Software Development

IR35 compliant software development

IR35 Compliant Software Development Short and long term resource available to address the impact of IR35 on your software development. Whether you use contractors as part of your long term development strategy or to solve short term problems, IR35 is going to impact your business. With the new employment rules for contracts coming into effect in April 2021, the IR35

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