For supporting operational growth

Powerful bespoke software development that enables unique processes, improves operations and builds commercial value through intellectual property, has the power to turn a business from market player to market disruptor.

Our clients know that to compete and lead, ‘made to measure’ or custom software is often key to support an innovative approach. As a London-based, onshore partner, we design and deliver robust bespoke software built around an organisations’ unique vision, operational challenges and points of differentiation.

From new application delivery to complex data integrations, legacy system overhaul and migration to the cloud, our highly-skilled and certified team become reliable software development partners for your business.

With a data-centric approach and deep sector-specific understanding, we work together with clients, as an expert bespoke software development company, on the intelligent application of the latest tech for maximum business impact.

Benefits of our bespoke software service

  • Proven track record in reliable and fast delivery of high-quality systems
  • Over 20 years’ successful completion of complex bespoke software projects
  • Highly-experienced, onshore, UK development and management teams
  • Outstanding customer service and quick, responsive support
  • In-depth knowledge of .NET framework and Angular
  • Certified Microsoft and AWS partner
  • Numerous legacy systems migrated to new, improved and current tech stacks
  • Integration expertise working with key data providers and systems
  • Proprietary tooling, code libraries and process flows to speed up software delivery


Custom Software System Development

Bespoke systems development

Our dynamic systems development service enables businesses to systemise their intellectual property and streamline processes. We guide organisations through what needs to be built, what can be bought and how to pull it all together, to enable and support their business strategy. Our systems have been repeatedly proven to advance operations, win new customers and attract investment, whilst increasing valuations. We follow an Agile and test-driven methodology and our multiple levels of quality assurance maximise the efficiency of delivery and long-term system reliability for high-impact results.

Legacy systems migration

As critical systems mature over time, technology becomes dated, functionality could be improved, performance and reliability often deteriorate and internal resources move on. We have significant experience in taking creaking old Windows or web-based applications, enhancing them and breathing new life into systems that need to remain fit for their operational purpose. This also provides an ideal opportunity to ensure bespoke systems are upgraded to reflect how the business and the market operate in the present day.

Systems integration

When an organisation needs to share data across multiple systems and technologies to power operational growth, skilled systems integration is the means to pull it all together. Whether it is a new system introduced into an existing technology product stack, a change of system, new suppliers or new sources of data, we help make the connections that unlock new operational capabilities. We have extensive experience connecting a wide variety of the latest tech, legacy systems and middleware to the data repositories and networks of many organisations through cloud service APIs and automated file transfers. We enable the sending and receiving of critical data and messages, which helps create your powerful ecosystem.

Data management and reporting

We provide expert data management and reporting services to collate, organise and enrich data from multiple sources, enabling full visibility and powerful reporting. This involves the gathering and storage of structured and unstructured data from multiple systems and environments, preserving it in a data repository. Then we transform the data to achieve detailed analytics, visualisation and full reporting, helping to extract the true value out of an organisation’s data. The data stores we can unlock with our proprietary code libraries and software include; internet data sources, data feeds, APIs, data from partners and internal data, such as emails, call recordings, documents, other internal databases and Excel spreadsheets.

Mvp design and build

Quickly delivering a proof-of-concept system, our Growth Accelerator Program (GAP) results in a high-quality, scalable Minimum Viable Product to take to market. By building a deep understanding of the operational software required to deliver short-, medium- and long-term business and technology goals, GAP provides the intelligence needed to plan and build a bespoke system as an MVP that will support fast growth and enhance innovation capabilities.

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Bespoke Software Development Company January 31, 2019