Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring

The Synetec Software Application Monitoring Service provides you with a comprehensive monitoring managed service, supported by the Synetec Software Service Desk. The service is designed and delivered as a flexible subscription based model, fully installed, managed and maintained by us so you don’t need to spend valuable resources on the installation, configuration, and maintenance of your own service. Freeing your internal team and providing you with a faster service, better value, and at a lower cost.

The service is design to complement your pre-existing infrastructure and operating system monitoring, whether delivered in house or outsourced, and is underpinned by a team of world class software developers; meaning expert support is on hand should you need it.

  • Subscription pricing per application
  • Fully managed by our Software Service Desk
  • Software development support available to fix any bugs and get you back on line
  • Measure performance and ensure your applications are delivering at the speed your business needs


  • Financial transparency – with a per-application pricing structure, you know exactly what the cost for a given application is, so you can make informed decisions regarding what and how much monitoring to deploy
  • Reduce revenue risk – proactively identify when system performance levels degrade, so your development team can quickly address the issue and ensure your users and customers receive the service they expect
  • Enhanced service delivery – the visibility and automation you gain from our modern, enterprise grade platform ensures that your applications are available and performing
  • Enhance customer experience – you might not be aware you have an issue until it is too late and your bottom line has been impacted. Our Application Monitoring service proactively identifies issues, with alerts based on your performance thresholds to warn you when something wrong
  • Higher team productivity and foster innovation – by outsourcing your software application monitoring to Synetec your internal team is freed to focus on other more pressing issues, innovating and continuing to add business value as opposed to just keeping the lights on

Additional complementary services are also available to enhance your experience and service from Synetec:

  • Software Service Desk – application support for business critical software systems
  • Application End-user Support – supporting your users and assisting them in their use of your applications
  • System Documentation – producing technical and/or user documentation for your systems
Application Monitoring April 9, 2020