Introducing Anasight

Capture. Analyse. Insight.

Between 2013 and 2020, the digital world will grow to unprecedented levels. The amount of data created will rise from 4.4 trillion gigabytes to 44 trillion.

Our clients have come to us asking that we help them to realise business value from this growing data and use the hidden insights to build truly market leading, insight driven businesses.

We have created a context rich, real time, machine learning, analytics engine that can analyse businesses internal and external communications to gain greater visibility. Ultimately it provides insight into potential opportunities and risks and enables leaders to act accordingly.

Anasight’s 3 modules create a simple to use, single world view of all data relating to internal and external communications to drive better decision making and better compliance.


Pano – Monitor and alert on the presence or absence of key words and phrases.

Aspect – Monitor and report on the frequency and standard deviation of sentiment of critical business metrics.

Fore – Reports on the sentiment and trends correlated to critical business incidents.



Why Anasight?

Data has huge inherent value, yet difficult to access and refine to realise its value.

Regulation is increasing, the number of communications channels is growing and the data generated is rising.


UNDERSTAND – Drive better behaviours and better business decisions

RECOGNISE – Recognise and act on business and market trends

TRANSFORM – BI that can be used, in real time, to transform compliance

REACT – Enable real-time reaction to potential non-compliant events

AUTOMATE– Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning driven analytics


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