Data Consulting and AI

Average Performance Uptick of 150% with AI

Every company sits on a mountain of data from various sources. What are you doing with yours? Is your data strategy mature enough to reveal new understanding to business leaders? Meet the Synetec AI for Sales and Marketing.

Data science finds previously unavailable insight for better decision-making. Data consulting and AI work hand in hand with your company’s strategy for achieving optimal operations.

Because we’ve done it before, time-to-value is speedy – it takes just 6 weeks to start tapping into the full potential of your data.

To give examples of past wins, we can define behavioural predictors on your clients to trigger actions that help your business grow. You will know exactly where the best ROI is gained with resources, or when there is a statistical likelihood a client is about to be lost. You can then utilise automated actions for your team so you have a better chance of retaining the customer and growing revenue.

In order to prove that data science delivers value to your organisation, our straightforward model gets you initial results quickly without any long term commitment. You only commit to one phase at a time. This approach also provides the additional flexibility to refine your requirements over time.

“One of the biggest predictors for client revenue wasn’t volume or frequency of trading, it was number of currencies traded and it wasn’t as simple as: the more currencies, the more profitable. The most profitable clients tended to trade four distinct currencies.” – Carl Jani, CEO, Argentex PLC

Service Features


Let’s Show You with a Proof-of-Value

  • A POV shows you that the AI delivers a minimum 100% performance boost in 12 weeks
  • Integrates into your existing sales and marketing tools
  • We take the hassle out of the implementation
  • Uncover companies that are ready to buy from you right now
  • Direct, GDPR-compliant contact details fed into your CRM
  • Secure service delivered from an FCA-approved environment

Monthly Service after the 12 Week POV

  • Fresh list of prime targets fed directly into your CRM each month
  • Expand the reach of AI further through prospect insights such as identifying their reason to buy from you
  • You gain sustained ability to grow by focusing your efforts on the most impactful activities

Contact us to learn more about how we’ve boosted our customers’ ROI and revenue with AI.

AI for Sales and Marketing April 17, 2020