Developing a leadership culture at AWS

We recently attended the AWS Summit here in London and particularly enjoyed their talks on tackling innovation and their hiring culture. If you haven’t attended an AWS Summit before we’d highly recommend it! AWS, Amazon’s Web Services platform hold summits around the globe each year that are always full of new and thought-provoking information.

The AWS approach to innovation has three main pillars which are; customer obsessed, long-term thinking and a willingness to fail. This is a great way to look at innovating and we believe that of all the pillars, being customer-obsessed is absolutely crucial for any company to excel in their sector.

The talk also spoke about executing innovation and that to do it well there’s four areas that you have to develop to be successful. These were culture, architecture, organisation and mechanism. While they are all equally important, we thought the two most interesting concepts from this were culture and organisation. AWS really focuses on hiring ‘builders’, looking at the personalities of the people they hire, not just their technical abilities.

The second was organisation and the specific way they put teams together to improve agility. They call them ‘2-pizza teams’, meaning that if you were to order two pizzas it would be enough food to feed that team. The reasoning behind it is that small, single-threaded teams can produce more speed and agility. By decentralising authority, every team owns what they’re creating which empowers them to think big and produce results.

We finished off the day by attending a talk on the habits of Alexa consumers, who, where and how is Alexa being used within households. We found it quite surprising that only 33.5% of the households surveyed use their Alexa in the living room and the most used application is setting a timer.

Emerging Alexa Habits at the AWS Summit in London 2018

Overall, the AWS Summit was absolutely fantastic to attend as always and we’ve come away with some great information to share with the team.


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